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To Whom It May Concern

Sep. 20th, 2011

04:31 pm

Totally a slacker on lj.


Dec. 18th, 2010

03:48 pm - Plot Bunny Part One: Will probably never be a full story

Fish-Bowl Syndrome: Chapter One

Being dead sucks. It's kind of like...floating all the time inside a fishbowl. I can see everyone around me and what do they do? They ignore me. Except for kids, they like to point and giggle at me. Kids can see me but adults? Only when they're looking hard enough.
I sat on top of a parking meter, staring glumly across the street. That's one of the perks I guess about being a ghost. Defying gravity is hella entertaining. There was a coffee across the way that I liked to watch. So many different people walked in and out of it everyday. What else was I supposed to do besides watch the living? Well, okay. There was one guy that I watched every day, today being no different. I figured I might as well be honest with myself.
His name was Detective Richard Green. His partner, the newly retired Detective Louis Mendoza, had been the detective you worked my case for three years before declaring it cold. Green could still access all of Mendoza's files, thus helping me cross over. Once the bastard that killed me is caugh then I'm in the clear for heaven or whatever is on the other side. I was going to use him and he was going to get some recognition for solving a cold case from the 1980's. Yeah, okay, he was a good looking guy too but that didn't matter.
What? I'm a nineteen year old. Being dead doesn't exactly stop my raging teenage libido.
I slid off the parker meter and floated across the street. Green was already inside, buying his usual (a large coffee and a cheese danish). I looked in the window glumly, trying to figure out how I could get his attention. I had been mulling over that little nugget for nearly two weeks now.
How could I make him see me?
I glared at the tall, ridiculously good looking guy through the window and tapped my upper lip thoughtfully. I guess I could try haunting. Don't know how that'll work out though...
I'm not good at the whole 'scary' thing. Green got his coffee from the pretty barista (damn, why could I have looked like that when I was alive?) and gave her a bright, charming smile before walking out with a saunter. I floated over to the door to wait for him. He walked out, whistling of all things, and I did the only thing I could. I followed him into his car (a Mustang) and hovered over his passenger side seat. Richard Green sang along with the radio while he drove. I smiled at the music choice; it was country. It was hard to find people who liked country anymore, it was the guilty pleasure of America it seemed. I watched Green as he bobbed his head in time to the music, his shaggy and entirely unprofessional blonde hair bouncing. With one hand he slid on a pair of aviator styled sunglasses and they sat on the crooked bridge of his nose like they belonged there.
I wonder how he broke his nose. Or why he had green eyes (either God had a sense of humor or his family had rocking genetics). And how he could mutlitask so well while driving like some kind of maniac.
I feared for my life when he took a sharp corner and it took a moment for me to remember that I was already dead and Green's driving couldn't kill me again. Or so I hoped. I reached blindly for the door to try and grab something to hold onto but my hands just passed through. I was momentarily distracted from Green's speed demon ways by the odd sensation that I just never could get used to but was brought back to reality by a screech of breaks.
I looked up just in time to see a SUV crash into the nose of Green's yellow Mustang. I heard Green screaming beside me and despite myself, I let out a shriek. I looked over at Green and was more than shocked to see him looking right back at me just before impact. I flew through both vehicles (thanks to inertia) and I had to force myself to stop mid-air.
I turned back to stare at the crash in shock, awe, surprise...whatever the hell you want to call it.
He could see me.

Just before he got run over by a car.

Jun. 7th, 2010

10:07 am - FRIENDS ONLY

Banner by Sunshinefun27.

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Dec. 21st, 2009

12:33 pm - Dear LJ:

I've decided to redo my entire journal. That's why all of my entries have been deleted. It will be used now for the development of my story CORA